#3 Smoothing rough edges

Last week we focused on taking your feedback and improving the features we currently have.

A fine balance exists between developing new exciting features and fixing bugs. Striking this balance is particularly important in the days before Product Market Fit. There is no point improving a feature no one wants.

Now Plum Mail has active users, we can focus our efforts on refining features because you've been telling us what improvements you need. So here are the improvements we have made so far.

Conversation status for search results

When searching for conversations it is useful to see if they have been concluded or are still active. This status information is now shown in search results.

Added an archive page

You can now click the archive link to see all of your conversations ordered from newest to oldest. This view also shows you the same conversation status as in the search results.

Archive also complements the Plum Mail search bar to get you to the conversation you need as quickly as possible.

Deleting pins

Pins are a great way to highlight information you need in a conversation. However, this information is sometimes only useful for a limited time. You can now delete old pins you no longer need. This allows you to focus on the remaining, more relevant pins.

Messages summaries use markdown formatting

Fixed the message summary so that it is displayed with the correct formatting.



Signing out

Plum Mail automatically authenticates from the links sent out in updates. This makes it very easy to sign in, so much so we forgot that a sign out button is also important.

We have now fixed that oversight and you can now sign out of Plum Mail.

No page reloads when adding pins or participants

This was one of those annoyances that we chose to accept to simplify building the first version. However, several of you fed back that you could lose your draft message if you added a pin or participant halfway through writing it.

This is no longer the case and you can compose your message and add pins or participants in whichever order you choose.

Cheers, Peter & Richard

p.s. If you have a friend who you think would be interested in our journey, please do forward this email to them! Thank you. :-)

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