Focus on the conversations that matter most to you.

Plum Mail is a smart email workspace that helps you to action, structure and organise your communication.


Expose the tasks hidden in your emails


Enrich your conversations with structured content


Efficiently filter and tag with help from AI

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See Plum Mail in action

Action First Inbox

Actions in emails get hidden in the text.

Easily turn your emails into tasks, triage your incoming mail and make progress without leaving your inbox.

Highlighted Questions

Make your call to action really obvious with a highlighted question.

Nudge your recipient into answering the easy way.

In group conversations, compare multiple responses to the same question with ease.

Structured Conversations

Email threads get messy so add some structure to your conversations.

Quickly quote in reply, link to any word in any message, set reply expectations, highlight questions and share pins.

Thread Conclusions

When a conversation has reached its natural end, mark it as 'closed'. This concludes the thread and you can add a summary if you need to.

Conclusions radically speed up processing your messages after a holiday or period of deep focus.

Organise Efficiently

You wouldn't empty a bag of post all over your desk, so why let email pour in unsorted?

Think of Plum Mail as your butler. Plum Mail deals with distractions so you don't have to.


If you're forever trawling through emails to find snippets of information, pins are for you.

Dates, venues, decisions - call 'em out for easy future reference.

Evolving Email

We believe in higher quality, more productive communication that is kinder to your mental well-being. That's why we built Plum Mail.

Enhance Quality

Plum Mail enriches email conversations so you can get more value from them.

Reduce Stress

Enjoy a thoughtful design philosophy that prioritises your mental well-being.

Improve Productivity

Reduced distractions and improved focus helps you get more done with less agro.


  • $39 a month
  • $350 a year
  • Unlimited emailing & history
  • Any email address
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