#18 When we stopped using Slack

Focus is a valuable thing. We lost it in 2019 thanks to Slack. Slack ate its way into our ability to get deep work done at our company. This post tells that story and what happened when we stopped using Slack.

That moment was really the genesis for Memo. Our mission comes from a moment of genuine pain. So much so, we pivoted our business completely to work on better quality communication.

Here's a video I recorded today which shows some of our features through the lens of Memo's mission. It explains not how they work but why they work as they do to serve the mission.

We launched beta testing last week and the response has been fantastic. Thanks for some great conversations with you all in Memo, your bug reports and your positive feedback.

Memo is Available Today

Memo is open for business. Sign in and start conversations. Memo is free for the time being while we continue to validate so go ahead, get stuck in.

You can talk to Peter and I and you can reach out to anyone that has an email address.

In Memo you can write to anyone!

Peter & Richard

p.s. If you have a friend who you think would be interested in our journey, please do forward this email to them! Thank you. :-)

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