#16 The Plan

Thank you for all the excellent feedback to our new name Memo and the message composer video we shared last week.

Next up, the plan. Let's start by zooming out briefly:

The Mission:

Memo believes in higher quality, more productive communication that is kinder to your mental well-being.

For the mission to succeed, we needed to invest time building a custom message composer. This is the technical milestone we reached last week.

The composer enables us to build so much value into the body of the message. From embedded videos to deep linking, this truly is a significant step up for the humble email.

Memo's 'Aha' moment comes when highlighting questions. I wrote an email to a supplier asking five questions hidden among a pretty long email.

In my experience, you're lucky if you get one question answered but because the questions were automatically highlighed to the recipient, I got five clear answers in return. Awesome.

This experience was more productive, definitely higher quality and reduced my anxiety levels too - it was a stressful legal conversation!

Fortunately, the composer and highlighted questions are the bedrock of every other conversation-improving feature we are building.

The Plan

The basic plan is to merge the original feature set with the new message composer in this order:

Here's a quick video update of Memo today:

The Future

Next week we will invite all of you to try Memo. We have a goal to start 1000+ new conversations and we will need your help.

Peter & Richard

p.s. If you have a friend who you think would be interested in our journey, please do forward this email to them! Thank you. :-)

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