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Superhuman vs Plum Mail

Plum Mail and Superhuman are two products that send and receive email, however, they approach the problem in fundamentally different ways.

Superhuman is an email client that receives and sends emails via your Gmail account.

Plum Mail is a communication platform that identifies you by your existing email address but also allows you to send and receive email.

Plum Mail’s platform enhances the conversation with collaboration features for everyone in the conversation. This is something that is not possible with ‘just’ an email client.

More Than Email

Email clients, like Superhuman, don’t change the way email works. This is because the email protocol is limited by what it can do.

In Plum Mail, however, you can do things like ask a highlighted question, share a pin or link to a specific line of text in any other Plum Mail conversation.

An Open Eco-System

There are loads of examples of communication systems that step outside the email protocol and add value such as Slack or Whatsapp. However, none of those do so in an open way.

We are very keen to emphasise that Plum Mail is an open system. You can write to anyone with their email address and they will receive an email as they would usually expect to do so.

No one is tied into using Plum Mail, it accepts both incoming traditional email and incoming Plum Mail.

If the recipient would like to reply using Plum Mail, we provide a secure link in every message that allows them to do this. This is an example of passwordless authentication which is very convenient.

Overall, Plum Mail enhances email with new features that enrich your conversation quality. Superhuman is an email client that makes it easier to send traditional email.

Superhuman puts value into your hands but your hands only whereas Plum Mail’s features benefit everyone in the email conversation whether they are a Plum Mail customer or not.

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