#21 Request Files Direct to Drive

We are working on the ability to request files from your contacts and have them uploaded direct to your Google Drive. This will soon be offered on our team plans.

Your contacts will simply see an upload button in the message you send them and their files can be routed to a specific folder in your Drive.

This feature came about thanks to a Memo user that handles attachments all day long and needed a way to gather documents efficiently. The files are automatically sorted into the right folders in Drive saving admin effort.

Memo works with Google Drive at the moment but we can extend this functionality to most cloud file services. Which tools do you use?

Live Attachments

Memo exists to make communication more efficient and we are pleased that the file uploader delivers on that absolutely. It also sits happiily alongside Memo's live attachments

Peter & Richard

p.s. Memo is ready to use today, and you can talk to anyone. Get in touch with both of us here to start experimenting with Memo for free.

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