#20 Integrating with Twitter and Google Docs

We want to make Memo the only place you need to go to have productive discussions. Instead of forgetting if you left a comment on Trello, Google Docs, Github or anywhere else, why not have a single Memo thread and reference all those services.

Today we added support for embedding Google Docs into Memo, including Slides, Sheets and Forms.

Additionally we implemented the oembed protocol, that allows you to embed Tweets and Reddit comments into Memos.

Beta testing Google Docs integration

The Google docs integration is still in beta, if you would like to try it out send us a memo.

Future integrations

Being able to refer to these services directly from a Memo thread has reduced the amount of context switching we have to do and the amount of distractions we face. We want to keep adding integrations, so services would you like to be able to refer to from memo threads?

Peter & Richard

p.s. Memo is ready to use today, and you can talk to anyone. Get in touch with both of us here to start experimenting with Memo for free.

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