plum mail


Supercharge your communication
with powerful messaging features.

Plum Mail is an alternative to email that uses your existing email address.

Do so much more with your correspondence than traditional email or instant messengers allow.

Plum Mail is an open system. You can write to anyone.

To join the waitlist, email us:

[email protected]

Do you spend half your life in email?

Make it your best half.


If you're forever trawling through emails to find snippets of information, pins are for you.

Dates, venues, decisions - call 'em out for easy future reference.

Highlighted Questions

Make your call to action really obvious with a highlighted question.

Nudge your recipient into answering the easy way.

In group conversations, compare multiple responses to the same question with ease.

Click here to watch a video about hightlighted questions.

Fast Formatting

Style your messages with simple keyboard shortcuts, include images inline and build tables with ease.

Plum Mail supports full Markdown editing with previews.

Search for Answers

Start new conversations and find old ones using Plum Mail's finder bar.

Search as you type for faster, more focussed results.

Group Messages

Plum Mail brings order to chaotic group messages and emails.

Break off-topic messages into new threads, pin decisions and manage participants.

You will never have to type 'please reply all' again. Ever.

Notification Controls

Protect your focus time. Notifications are off by default and Plum Mail gives you granular control over what kinds of notifications you need in your life.

You can also set an inbox delay to define a specific time of day you want your messages delivered to you.

Thread Conclusions

When a conversation has reached its natural end, mark it as 'closed'. This concludes the thread and you can add a summary if you need to.

Conclusions radically speed up processing your messages after a holiday or period of deep focus.

Unreleased Features

We're not done yet, what you're seeing here is version 1.

Right now, we have 36 other era-defining features that blow email and instant chat out of the water.

If you're excited about it, join the waitlist and you'll be the first to know.

[email protected]

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